Terra Incogito, Thinking About Real Estate

Patrick Harvey is an Associate Broker with West USA Realty, Scottsdale, Arizona, and has been involved in Real Estate for more than 20 years. Patrick’s real estate portfolio includes commercial and residential properties in Arizona, New York, New Mexico, and Texas. You can visit his web page at http://www.PatrickHarvey.com

Patrick is an NLP Master Practitioner. In his spare time, Patrick volunteers in various positions at Anthony Robbins events. Most mornings you can find him halfway up some mountain or other.

While this is a blog about real estate (the title in some obscure language means “thinking about land”), Patrick blogs about all sorts of stuff, from airplane flying (he’s an avid pilot and Bonanza owner), fish tank lighting, and lots of NLP stuff — why what we think, and the words we use, both internally and externally, are more important than we imagine. Why our attitudes about things control our actions and destiny. Patrick has written several eBooks about managing our mental states, and is a Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention counsellor for relationships. 

Mike Widener has practiced law in Arizona for 30 years, and is a Certified Specialist in Real Estate Law, according to the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of Arizona. Mike is listed in SuperLawyers for the State of Arizona  in the category of Real Estate practice on a routine basis. Mike’s real estate portfolio contains holdings in the States of Florida, Arizona, Tennessee and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Mike teaches business law at the University of Phoenix, also, he  is Of Counsel to Bonnett, Fairbourn, Friedman & Balint, P.C., located in Phoenix.  As to Mike’s opinions in this blog, know this: None of the opinions, however earnestly expressed, under Mike’s name constitute anyone’s views but his own.  Bonnett, Fairbourn, et al., is not responsible for the content in any of Mike’s statements; the firm’s directors don’t exercise any editorial control, and probably don’t want anywhere near Mike’s keyboard or the inside of Mike’s head.   Second, be aware that none of the content of these entries constitutes legal advice to the reader. Nothing in Mike’s entries is going to match the circumstances any particular reader may find himself in.  And “close” isn’t good enough to suggest to the most optimistic reader that relying on Mike’s views is sensible, adult or even sane.  To summarize redundantly, this blog contains information which solely represents the opinions of the bloggers and should not be construed as legal advice, real estate portfolio operation advice, investment advice, or any other form of counsel, divined wisdom  or inspiration.  We do not know our readers, by and large, and we do not claim to understand the conditions in which you find yourselves – so it’s impossible for us to counsel you or direct your behavior in any manner.  Which doesn’t prevent you from enjoying our musings.