Joint Tenancies: Landlords & Medical Marijuana Businesses



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What people are thinking about Joint Tenancies:

unique and would be of use in a law library”

“a useful and thought-provoking text for any landlord considering renting”

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[expand title=”Open FAQ” swaptitle=”Close FAQ“]FAQ about Joint Tenancies: Landlords & Medical Marijuana Businesses

Who needs to read this book?

  • Commercial landlords
  • Property professions who want to know how medical marijuana businesses impact commercial real estate, like real estate agents, brokers and property and project managers
  • Investors in commercial property, especially owner-occupants
  • Real estate lawyers
  • Neighbors of medical marijuana businesses
  • Board members of project owners’ associations where a medical marijuana business occupies space
  • Land use officials and planning and zoning staff personnel approving these businesses
  • Insurance brokers and agents in the property and casualty lines
  • Environmental consultants involved in indoor air quality issues

What’s Covered in Joint Tenancies?

  • Land use barriers to be hurdled to get the medical marijuana business approved by a community
  • Private restrictive covenants that may impede establishing the business in a project or building
  • Understanding the fears of mortgage lenders working with a landlord and approaches to responding to those fears
  • Government forfeiture processes connected to criminal prosecutions of illegal activities
  • Environmental burdens to deal with in medical marijuana business operations
  • Neighbor occupant anxieties about the risk to their enterprises from the folks next door
  • Economic risks to commercial landlords from accommodating a medical marijuana tenant

What is the Value Proposition?

  • There is no other book on the market addressing the risks and opportunities awaiting landlords leasing to medical marijuana businesses
  • The forms and text provided give the landlord ways to analyze its appetite for making a lease and handling the consequences of moving in this new business model in its building or project

Who wrote Joint Tenancies?

Mike Widener is a real estate lawyer with 30 years practice experience and an investor in commercial property.  Mike represents a number of industrial and commercial property developers and owners  Mike’s also a zoning adjustment hearing officer who has heard many controversial requests for zoning adjustment.[/expand]


Cover Photo Credit: Burnzwell Medical Marijuana Center, Denver, Colorado. Attribution: O’Dea at WikiCommons, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License, 2011.