I learned a bit about cox email today. Not that I wanted to know, but….

I had a complaint from a friend, that whenever he sent me an email, it was rejected as containing spam. We determined it was not every time, but rather, only when he replied to something I had sent him. So I started playing with various messages, and ultimately figured out what was happening.

If an email contained my cell phone number, then Cox marked it as spam. Yup, you got that right. It wasn’t anything more complex. I changed my cell number by a single digit (the last digit) and suddenly, everything was fine.

I called Cox, who forwarded me (ultimately) to a level 2 tech, who said that the spam process was automated and there was nothing that they could do (although I should send things that were reported as spam, but weren’t spam, to a special email address (something I have done without any success many times in the past)).

So my email address has changed, and won’t be at cox anymore. I quit sending emails through cox a long time ago due to delivery issues.

Cox’s spam filters are very aggressive. So aggressive that you might be missing many legitimate emails! Beware!