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How do taxes affect property values?

As a real estate agent and investor, I also represent a number of investors who like to buy single family homes, mostly in Phoenix. We have been investing in Phoenix for several years. The days when we could buy very cheaply are gone, but we still find the occasional deal. I was attending a wedding […]

Finders Weepers, Losers Keepers

For light entertainment, I recommend the facts in a case decided by our Court of Appeals, Division One, on May 31, 2012; you can find the opinion at, entitled GRANDE V. JENNINGS. Seems an old man, Spann by name, didn’t trust banks much and died with much of his savings inside of his home. […]

Read Your Contract – Don’t Weep!

In 2006, the Thomases contracted to buy a fine new luxury residence at the Montelucia Villas. The contract called for 3 earnest money deposits totalling almost $660 thousand towards the $3.3 Million purchase price. Montelucia sent the Thomases a letter saying it would be prepared to close on May 16, 2008. The Thomases informed Montelucia on […]

KAZ Your Mechanic’s Lien’s Not Valid – That’s Why!

There’s distractions impairing my posting tendencies of late. I’m going to get caught up here this week, perhaps. Here’s a case of mild interest decided by the Arizona Court of Appeals in Tucson a month ago, called KAZ CONSTRUCTION V. NEWPORT EQUITY PARTNERS. The Superior Court had ruled a deed of trust was invalid and therefore that Kaz’s […]

Underwater Mortgages and Drowning in Quick Fixes

Even folks who hate Thomas Sowell’s economic and political positions have to concede that he’s right a lot of the time. He is a proponent of looking past Stage One thinking, which he defines in his book Applied Economics as – in effect – the absence of an analytical approach to problem solving: “Doing something […]