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February 2021 Phoenix Market Update – How to Buy

The Phoenix valley is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. Two of our cities are in the top 10 for fastest appreciation! From being in the trenches, I can tell you that helping a buyer get into a home is hard. Really hard. The competition is strong. And regular home buyers […]

Saying Goodbye to Big Tech

If you are like me, then you are a little unhappy with the likes of facebook, google, twitter, and other Big Tech companies. Google, in particular, for me. I don’t much care for google because they manipulate search results and give you free stuff with strings attached, but don’t say much about the attached strings. […]

Do You or Your Clients own Residential Rentals?

Many of us either own rentals, or have clients with rentals. With the onslaught of new rules and regulations coming from the COVID pandemic, property management has become more challenging. But there are some great ways to mitigate the potential damage. The biggest issue we face, as landlords, is that tenants stop paying rent, and […]

A Cool Season for Ice

When you head out to a restaurant or bar, one of the things that is wonderful is the ice. I love the little square, perfectly clear ice cubes (well not really ‘cubes’) that come in a glass. Some places have more round ones, but I am a fan of the little flat square ones. And […]

Flood Irrigated Lots

In the Phoenix valley, it used to be more common for residential lots to receive untreated irrigation water. These days, what is more common is that potable, treated water is used for lawns and trees. I was aware of irrigated lots, but didn’t know much about them – until now. Early this summer, we bought […]

Rentals and Evictions in the Pandemic Era

When our nation got shut down, lots of folks lost their jobs. And as a result, many were unable to pay their rent. A number of my friends and associates are landlords or property managers, and they were all lamenting the situation. Some states, like Arizona, were hit harder, because the governor ordered a moratorium […]


Alacrity: That’s a policy choice in ending insubstantial quarters’ availability for homeless persons seeking shelter. Sadly, the advance of the novel coronavirus may force the hand of leaders in some urban areas, should chronic unemployment swell the ranks of persons lacking shelter. For almost 20 years, I’ve been a Habitat for Humanity volunteer, although the […]

Ganja Sense His Nekkid Self-Promotion?

Hey, fans of commercial property leasing! Good news for all – including ME! Friday, May 1 is Law Day and ABA Publishing is celebrating this special day by offering a promotion of 30% off, plus free ground shipping, on my 2018 tome, Joint Tenancies. This is a one-day sale, and the discount code for this […]

Force the (Legal) Issue, Before Courts Are Overpowered

For folks who cannot get enough of the argument that force majeure has excused anyone from performing an unpleasant or difficult contract obligation, you’ll want to watch Pacific Collective LLC v. Exxon Mobil, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, in Case No. 20-STCV-13294. In that litigation, the Plaintiff California retail developer (Pacific) claims the […]

Excessive Social Distancing: 15-yard penalty and Loss of Down

A restaurant chain wrote this text in a form letter, sending it to dozens of landlords across the land last week: “As you know, the COVID-19 crisis is having a devastating impact on the restaurant industry on an unprecedented level. The National Restaurant Association projects an economic impact of at least $225 billion with five […]