We all know that our other than conscious mind is very powerful; it keeps our hearts beating, our lungs breathing, our spleens spleening (is that a thing?) and so one of the most powerful things we can do to stay healthy is to be sure that both our conscious minds, and our other than conscious minds, are in alignment about our health.

Many of us struggle with health issues which are sometimes a problem between what we think we want and what our other than conscious mind is doing. So let’s look at what we can do to get them in alignment.

There are several ways to get yourself in alignment. My preferred method, and one you can do yourself easily, is using a form of visualization. Visualization is used by many sports figures to increase their performance, by visualizing the result they want, repeatedly. Steve Nash, who had the best free throw record in Basketball, could be seen visualizing the result he wanted right before making the shot, visualizing the ball going in. Aerobatic performers like Patty Wagstaff use visualization to “fly” through their entire routine before getting in the plane.

And on a more relevant note, a researcher named Lee Pulos worked with cancer patients before they had surgery, and was able to get tumor sizes dramatically reduced, using visualization. There are many other examples, one is my own story wherein I got my complexion to not be horrible by visualizing myself with perfectly clear skin.

So how does it work? We need to find a way to talk to our other than conscious mind. A hypnotist can do it, get the conscious out of the way, but there are ways you can do it, too.

When you are ready to go to sleep, close your eyes and visualize your body being strong. Grounded. Powerful. Invincible to the effects of viruses. Visualize a star-trek like shield around yourself; impenetrable to any bacterial or viral agent that might try to reach you. See the virus particles hit the shield and just fall off. See the shield grow stronger and stronger, as you sleep. See it get stronger with each breath you take. Make it the color that means health to you. Each time you take a sip of water, each time you breathe, each time you reach for your phone, think of the shield getting stronger, more powerful, more protective.

Smile as you see the shield around you. Relax, knowing you are well. That you are protected. Do this as you fall asleep every night, and do it as soon as you find yourself awake in the morning, right before the alarm goes off. See the shield around you, in your mind’s eye, as you walk around. See it in the shower. See it flare in increased strength each time you leave your home or car.

This works the best for me if I use it to fall asleep. Lay down in bed, turn off the light, set the alarm, do whatever it is you need to do to prepare to go to sleep. Then, if you have a routine you use to fall asleep quickly, such as counting sheep, or your breaths, or whatever it is, instead, visualize the shield, see it working, see it strong and powerful. Observe how it totally blocks anything negative that might try to reach you. It stops viruses, bacteria, it even stops negative thoughts and emotions from reaching you. Your shield is yours, it protects you. Think about your shield, how powerful it is, how wonderfully and magically protects you. Do this as long as you can – until you fall asleep, still thinking about the shield.

When you awaken, whether it is just before the alarm, or because of it, take a moment, hit the snooze if needed, and visualize your shield again. See it grow stronger and stronger as you move from the semi-sleep state to the awake state.

It is during these times, when our conscious mind is tired, distracted, or otherwise out of the way, that we can most easily reach the more powerful other than conscious mind. As your conviction grows, so will the power of your shield.

The more you do this, the greater will be your protection.

Be well!