Just a quick note, we will be teaching a couple of short (one hour) classes, one on the home buying process, one on the home selling process. We’ll also provide up-to-date market information for the Phoenix market. The home buyer class will answer questions like –

– How do I know how much I can afford to spend on a new home? – Where is the best place to start looking? Do I need a real estate agent, or can I just call the number on the sign (or in the Zillow ad)? – What is the process, how do I protect myself, what inspections should I get? How do I find a home inspector? – Before I hire a real estate agent, what are the 3 things I need to ask them?

We’ll purchase neurontin online answer these questions and more, in a short one hour class. If you are interested, you can sign up here: Home Buyer Seminar

Similarly, we will also have a class if you are thinking of selling your home. We’ll answer questions like –

– How do home buyers find my home? – What is the biggest selling feature for home buyers? – How can I be sure the buyer will be able to afford my home? – What are some things I can do, to make my home more attractive to buyers? – Do I need a real estate agent to sell, or can I sell it myself? What about Zillow or Trulia?

And of course we’ll answer any other questions you might have. Get your tickets here: Home Seller Seminar