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Pool Lighting and Flips

As a property rehab specialist, I am often looking at the swimming pool and what will happen during the ultimate buyer’s inspection. One of the things that happens is that if there is any sort of special equipment, like a heater or automatic chlorinator, or a spa control of some kind, it will not be […]

Mechanics’ Liens and Trust Parties

On September 1, the Arizona Court of Appeals issued an opinion in Williamson v PVOrbit, Inc. (1 CA-CV 10-0390) that’s worth reading for the instruction given that sometimes is not well understood in the community. PVOrbit filed a mechanics’ lien under the statutory scheme but would not listen to the argument of the Williamsons that […]

Home Ownership: Re-Visioning an American Dream

Tom Sugrue wrote an interesting piece in the WSJ published Saturday, August 15, called “The New American Dream: Renting.” His article is not a prescription but a suggestion that Americans need to return to the notion that there is no disgrace in renting your home. He points out that prior to the Depression Era, few […]