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The One Decision

As many of my readers know, I volunteer a substantial amount of my time – up to a month each year – in support of various seminars put on by Tony Robbins. I don’t do it for the money, because, well, it isn’t a paying gig. I do it for my own personal growth opportunities, […]

How the brain works and why it is important to know…

In my efforts to satisfy my need to always learn new things, I read and listen to audio information (books on tape, classes, webinars, etc.) And mostly I find out something useful from all of it. From reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and the Daniel Ariely books about the choices we make, to ongoing studies […]


Pre-frame. That’s an odd word, isn’t it? I never used the word until I got involved in NLP. Of course I did lots of pre-framing, I just had no idea that it was something people studied, learned, and practiced. So what is it? Anytime you tell your son or daughter that they “will have a […]