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Flood Irrigated Lots

In the Phoenix valley, it used to be more common for residential lots to receive untreated irrigation water. These days, what is more common is that potable, treated water is used for lawns and trees. I was aware of irrigated lots, but didn’t know much about them – until now. Early this summer, we bought […]

Landlords Rolling with Medical Marijuana Commercial Tenants – A New Dynamic, Part One

In this and four subsequent posts, I’m discussing from the landlord perspective some insights into leasing to medical marijuana enterprises space in commercial buildings, primarily in industrial and light assembly (commerce park-style) projects.  Fourteen states and the District of Columbia have approved the sale to licensed patients of smoke-able and consumable versions of Cannabis.  Another […]

Short sales and lenders

I attended an interesting class this week. An attorney who specializes in short sales and foreclosures was presenting his opinion of the Arizona anti-deficiency statute. It was interesting in that most of us attending thought first, that there was only one statute, and second, that the statute applies only to foreclosures, and not to short […]

Gotta Love Foreclosure Law, Lawmakers!

I’ve been away from this space a while now, though not engaged in idle pursuits.  Since July 3rd, I’ve written two articles for publication of 12,400 and 16,400 words.  That’s a lot of characters, I guess, but what’s with the 400 extra words?  You can read such things on, if you’re so inclined.  I’ve […]

Short sales, foreclosures, and IRS tax liens

– I owe more than my house is worth, and the IRS has also put liens on it. Can I still do a short sale?– I want to bid on a house at a foreclosure auction, and it has IRS liens, do they disappear like all the other liens? These, and other similar questions, are […]


Dr. Michael Crow, President of ASU, and Ernest Calderon, President of the Arizona Board of Regents, have a lot of fine ideas to bolster higher education in this great state. Affordability is the watch-word of the latest initiatives, and “Amen” to that broad concept. No one appears eager to see further increases in the cost […]


One of the quandaries of Chapter 11 bankruptcy law is understanding what is an “executory contract” and what is not; the distinction is critical for appreciating what obligations can be scraped off, like mud from your shoes, if you decide to take this route as a tactical way to save your business or your assets […]

EXPRESSLY, VIA HANDBASKET: Arizona’s modified deficiency statute?

So the Governor sues the entire state legislature to turn over bills that passed the house and senate but were not “timely” presented for her signature or, as the case might be, veto. (Okay, there’s a third alternative where a bill becomes law if the Governor takes no action on a bill for 5 days […]

The Joy of Commercial Tenants in a Down Market

I have a commercial property in Arizona, outside the valley. I have owned it for several years, and except for occasional late rent payments, the original tenant was friendly and easy to work with. He took pretty good care of the place, and I really didn’t worry too much about what went on day to […]

Arizona Proposition 207 Claim, or Bluster?

A local zoning attorney this past week admonished a city council not to revert the zoning classification on his client owner’s parcel, since that would be tantamount to “down-zoning” the property, diminishing the value of that asset, and triggering the tenets of Proposition 207, Arizona’s regulatory takings measure. (This has been since its passage codified […]