When we list homes for sale, most of us ask the seller if there is anything they don’t intend to sell. The standard Arizona real estate contract specifies what fixtures and personal property transfer in a sale. Most of the items mentioned are sensible, such as free-standing stoves, ceiling fans, outdoor landscaping, and the like.

But there are a few things that we don’t think so much about — such as your prized outdoor garden fountain. Yep, it transfers unless you specifically write in the contract that it doesn’t. Same for your storage shed, satellite dish, sun screens, water softeners…and drapes! Yup, your drapes go with the home unless you specify otherwise in a counter buy ambien in europe offer.

But the stickler is fixtures. What is a fixture? Generally it is anything that is permanently attached to the house, such as a sink, or a radiator, or anything that is built-in or screwed into the wall. And that includes your new flat screen TV! Most of these TVs are screwed onto a bracket, and the bracket is screwed into the wall.  So they are fixtures.

What other interesting things transfer? Your fireplace tools, pool cleaner, central vac hoses and attachments, outdoor lighting (such as landscape lighting), and all lighting fixtures.

So be sure you hire the right agent! It could be very costly for you if you accidentally sell one of your treasured possessions.