Infiniti G35 paint problems — I never thought I would have them. It’s an Infiniti, after all! Synonymous with quality, or so I thought.

I bought a G35 new for my wife in 2004. It is still a great car except for the Infiniti G35 paint problems! Everything on the car works great. However….

I recently drove it to Palm Springs, as my car was in the shop. When I got there, I noticed that the paint on the roof was peeling or something. I didn’t have time to investigate it, I worked about 18 hour days for a week volunteering at an event for a well known international speaker. But when I got back I noticed serious infiniti G35 paint problems!

The clearcoat was peeling off. It started as a small area, but has gotten bigger and bigger. So what did I do? Look on the internet, of course. In particular there is a G35 forum that has many posts about 2004 Infiniti G35 paint problems. So I thought, maybe Infiniti would stand up and want to deal with their Infiniti G35 paint problems.

So I went to the local dealer, actually the same location where I bought the car new, although it is now under new management. I met the service director, who was very nice, and explained that there was no warranty for this sort of thing, but that my Infiniti G35 paint problems might be addressed by the factory.

Except that it wasn’t, she called me back today and apologetically said that the factory rep was not interested in doing anything about my Infiniti G35 paint problems. Now, I have a 1993 Mustang and the paint is perfect. I have a 1995 Jeep Cherokee and other than a number of scratches and dents, the paint on it is also perfect. And, from reading the online forums it seems like there are LOTS of Infiniti G35 paint problems. And it doesn’t look like they have corrected them, either, from what I read.

Did I mention that the car is kept garaged?

So BEFORE you but an Infininti, if you plan to keep it more than, say, 5 years, you might want to look into the horrible paint they have used. I am VERY disappointed in them, and I won’t be buying another Infiniti product.