There are a few inexpensive things that we can do to make our homes look nice. Recently, I bought a set of landscape lights from Amazon. I got the cheaper ones. They are nice, they have four bulbs, and they use regular old incandescent lamps. The lamps look like this:

These are bright, and they work great! But, they seem to burn out pretty fast, like in a month or two. And, they pull lots of power – these are 20 watt bulbs, I think, and the transformer can handle only 4-5 of them before it gets unhappy. So I thought, gee, there ought to be some alternatives, maybe some LED lamps?

I looked on Amazon, and there are some, but they are pretty expensive. So I turned to eBay. The first set of lamps I found that would work are these:






They also work, but are sort of dim. They also got really hot and didn’t last long. So back to the drawing board… I finally found these on eBay:







These work GREAT! They are bright and do not get hot, and so far they are holding up well. They only cost a little more than the incandescent ones if you get them at the Depot, and seem readily available on eBay. They are a little too tall to fit into the fixtures I have, but if you bend the wires a little bit they fit in at an angle and work just fine.


Enjoy your landscape lighting!