Junk and unmentionables


I have previously written about a property I have been working on (for much too long), that involved a note purchase, then a foreclosure, then eviction of squatters. It has gotten even more interesting.

When I evicted the squatters, they bought or somehow obtained a small camper, and they moved into it, along with their 50 or so cats and a small amount of the furniture and stuff they kept from the house they were occupying. They finally moved, unfortunately, across the fence onto the neighbor’s property, and proceeded to make a mess of that area as well.

A few weeks ago I hired a landscaper to clear off the debris and weeds on the property, and he had it looking pretty good! I stopped by just two days ago to check on some final work I needed done, before marketing the property, and I found that there was much debris in the yard… from the squatters.

Apparently, a couple weeks ago, when the next door property owners were on vacation, the squatters sold their two prize hogs for drug money or something. When the owners came back, a fight ensued and one of the squatters ended up arrested and in the hospital. The other squatter got summarily evicted from that property … and moved to the property directly behind that one. On the way, they left garbage bags full of feces, pepsi bottles full of urine, and tons of accumulated garbage… which they tried to haul through my property to get to the other one, leaving a trail of … waste … and garbage. I had just paid someone to clean up the property and was not surprisingly, a little upset. So the sheriff is going out to cite her for criminal littering, and I called the county health department and the zoning department to see what can be done. The current parcel owner doesn’t care and is in bankruptcy and I don’t think anyone is paying rent — all squatting. The bags of human fertilizer give new meaning to the word “Squatter”.