A long time ago, before I was involved in real estate, I took some time off working in technology to go on a 4 day river trip in the Grand Canyon. I was hooked… I arranged to leave my job with GTE at the time, and signed on to be a boatman, rowing for Colorado River and Trail Expeditions.

It was a wonderful experience; I got to row through the Grand Canyon several times, and did Desolation Canyon on the Green River, and Cataract Canyon on the Colorado, and Westwater a few times over several summers. I also went on the Tatshenshini river expedition, which is a wonderful trip, in Alaska. As fate would have it, there was a film student on the trip making a film about our little adventure.

I have wanted to see it again many times, but the film was never on the internet anywhere I could find. I ran across an old VHS tape of it a few days ago, and thought I would post it.


Ice River Journal