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Mellow Annoyances and Foreclosure Sanity

You’ll notice, because I insist, the annoying horizontal bar in the left margin of this blog page. It advertises the availability of my new book, Joint Tenancies: Landlords and Medical Marijuana Businesses. It’s 10 bucks for the e-book version. I’ll sell you a paper copy for 5 bucks more, but you’ve got to leave a […]

“Sometimes, You Get What You Need”

The Court of Appeals last month in BAC HOME LOANS SERVICING LP v SEMPER INVESTMENTS (March 22, 2012), gave additional guidance on the rules and boundaries of equitable subrogation where lienholders dispute each other’s priority position to be paid, Russo defaulted on a loan from Semper, triggering that lender’s trustee’s sale. BAC sued for an […]

Dark Days for Digital Billboards, and Gloom for Mortgagors

Two new opinions from Arizona’s appellate courts deserve the attention of real property mavens. The first is the new Arizona Supreme Court opinion of JULIA V. VASQUEZ v. SAXON MORTGAGE INC., et al, CV-11-0091-CQ. CQ stands for certified question; the Supreme Court was asked by a federal bankruptcy court to answer whether under state law […]

Elevating a Conversation About Trustees’ Sales

TD performed a trustee’s sale to foreclose on the Elevation Chandler property. PCF owned the loan and gave a specific opening (credit) bid to TD as Trustee under the Deed of Trust. BT jumped the credit bid and was declared the prevailing bidder in June, 2009. The next day, in accordance with trustee’s sale statutes, […]

Request For Notice?

I went to a Real Estate continuing education class recently. This particular class was at the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business, and one of the presenters was Bill Gray, who used to own the school. I can always be sure that if he is around, I’m very likely to learn something interesting. This […]