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Rates set to rise?

Are rates set to rise sometime soon? Maybe. Here is what we know: The Fed will stop buying mortgages starting at the end of March. This means that these obligations will have to be sold somewhere else, and that means rates could rise more than half a point. So you might see rates rise to […]

Inflation? Deflation? What’s happening?

Are we poised for inflation, or hyperinflation? Or will the opposite happen? On the inflationary side, we have what appears to be massive expansion of the money supply by the Fed, a weak dollar, and rising gold prices. On the deflationary side, we have higher unemployment, and a mentality in the populace of saving vs. […]

Are we near a bottom in the housing market?

My asset protection attorney recently sent me links to a couple of YouTube videos which talk about bubbles. I thought the information was quite valuable, so I have provided the links here. Enjoy!