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How Can a Nation of Consumers Survive?

About one of every 5 people in the UK work directly for the government. If you consider pensioners, people working for private firms which only do business with the government, and only consider people who are actually working, the number is much higher – perhaps as high as one in three. I don’t know what […]

Inflation? If it happens, what will it look like?

This morning I am attending a class about disclosure, taught by Bill Gray, the former owner of the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business. He talked about one aspect of the health care bill, which for individuals earning more than $200k or couples earning more than $250k, imposes a 3.8% tax on the profit […]

Inflation? Deflation? What’s happening?

Are we poised for inflation, or hyperinflation? Or will the opposite happen? On the inflationary side, we have what appears to be massive expansion of the money supply by the Fed, a weak dollar, and rising gold prices. On the deflationary side, we have higher unemployment, and a mentality in the populace of saving vs. […]