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Short sales and lenders

I attended an interesting class this week. An attorney who specializes in short sales and foreclosures was presenting his opinion of the Arizona anti-deficiency statute. It was interesting in that most of us attending thought first, that there was only one statute, and second, that the statute applies only to foreclosures, and not to short […]

Short sales, foreclosures, and IRS tax liens

– I owe more than my house is worth, and the IRS has also put liens on it. Can I still do a short sale?– I want to bid on a house at a foreclosure auction, and it has IRS liens, do they disappear like all the other liens? These, and other similar questions, are […]

Inflation? Deflation? What’s happening?

Are we poised for inflation, or hyperinflation? Or will the opposite happen? On the inflationary side, we have what appears to be massive expansion of the money supply by the Fed, a weak dollar, and rising gold prices. On the deflationary side, we have higher unemployment, and a mentality in the populace of saving vs. […]

EXPRESSLY, VIA HANDBASKET: Arizona’s modified deficiency statute?

So the Governor sues the entire state legislature to turn over bills that passed the house and senate but were not “timely” presented for her signature or, as the case might be, veto. (Okay, there’s a third alternative where a bill becomes law if the Governor takes no action on a bill for 5 days […]

Short Sale help coming?

If you have been through the fun of buying or selling a property which is upside down, ie. more is owed than the property is worth, you know how much fun this can be. For those of you who have not had the privilege, it is a 90 to 120 day process involving numerous lender […]