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The Latest Rental Property

As you, my readers, know, I work in real estate. Part of being involved in residential real estate sales is having access to the MLS, the multiple listing service. And it is a wonderful service, an online list of properties for sale, sold, and in other various states. It has more information than the tax […]

Co-Housing: Forward – Residential Life in Community

A few weeks back, I announced my intention to write on how I suppose residential communities might be organized in the next 100 years. Two things prompted me to fuss around with this. First, an abstraction: What is the impact of tens of thousands of foreclosures and even more “short sale” workouts, with their accompanying […]

The Housing Market

Will there EVER be a housing market recovery? Lots of us want the answer to this question. However, none of us has a crystal ball. But we can examine the various forces affecting the market today.  There are several ideas I have been hearing about which may have helped get us into the current predicament […]