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Request For Notice?

I went to a Real Estate continuing education class recently. This particular class was at the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business, and one of the presenters was Bill Gray, who used to own the school. I can always be sure that if he is around, I’m very likely to learn something interesting. This […]

Commercial Landlord Saint Vitus’s Dance

Since commercial tenant defaults will remain on the upswing for a while, I post here the schematic for Arizona landlord action when a tenant defaults and, it appears, cannot cure in an acceptable time frame. This is a compendium of what the landlord can do; in the next post I’ll ruminate on what the landlord […]

Rights of Passage, or, What’s Yours is Mine, Too

First, a visual. Your screen (you may want to use the wallpaper with that green hills background) is a 100-acre parcel owned by Kong. (Okay, if you use the wallpaper, you’ll have to visualize a 15 foot-wide, mostly linear creek that divides the two parcels about equally into two, 50-acre tracts.) While Kong owns the […]

Charging Order Wrinkles

My esteemed colleague Bob Spurlock did a brave thing recently. He used his noodle to come up with an imaginative theory of recovery; and, it appears to have succeeded! Fine lawyers like Robert uniformly are envelope-pushers. His case involved the interpretation of application of a charging order’s reach. Charging orders are about as unsexy as […]

Bird Dogs and other unique creatures

While my blogging partner, Mike Widener, is an attorney, I am not; I am but a lowly associate broker, and so my legal opinion is worth even less than his! So take this article with a grain of salt. Definitely do NOT depend on it for legal advice – this is just my take. And […]

Growing Faith in a Community’s Future

Today, I’m riding the spanking new, Valley Metro, light rail. I’m not going anywhere specific, particularly. (I’ll just feel a brief moment of exhilaration about experiencing a travel modality that is quiet and efficient, and a twinge of modest vindication.) But metropolitan Phoenix surely is. This is a leap forward in mass transit and in […]

The Housing Market

Will there EVER be a housing market recovery? Lots of us want the answer to this question. However, none of us has a crystal ball. But we can examine the various forces affecting the market today.  There are several ideas I have been hearing about which may have helped get us into the current predicament […]